RareMall NFT Contest 2021: #NFTUntoldStories

RareMall NFT Contest 2021: #NFTUntoldStories

RareMall NFT Creative Contest was held for the first time with the theme "#NFTUntoldStories," promising to bring a creative playground with many attractive prizes for all NFT creators.

NFT Market 2021: A lucrative industry and...?

Lately, NFTs have been the subject of countless spit-take headlines. NFT works have been auctioned for hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars. Many marketplaces witnessed a record number of transactions: last August, Opensea reached more than 3 billion in trading volume.

No one really understood where this gold rush came from. Thinking about NFT now is about a lucrative industry, many creators' life-changing opportunities, and the dream of becoming an overnight millionaire.

Is NFT that easy?

For decades, Digital Art has not received the respect it deserves. And in the age of NFT, many people thought it was just a short-term craze, meaningless, and people were spending a lot of money on useless things. But there's a lot they don't know:

They don't know that this is a passion, and many artists give up everything to pursue. When following this path, famous young NFT artist Victor Langlois (also known as FEWOCiOUS) once shared his loneliness with the New York Times: "You know what makes me sad?" He had been celebrating all day, messaging with his online friends, but no one from his former life called. "I don't have siblings," he said, "and I don't talk to my family anymore." Even if he could call them up, his new life would be difficult to explain.

They do not know that each NFT work is hundreds of hours of failure and experimentation, days, weeks, and months of frustration.

They don't know that owning an NFT work is more than an object or an investment but a part of the artist's soul and heart, the only version of a piece of art.

Reveal the untold stories

Apparently, the world is thinking that NFT is just hype with glitz, money, and fame. There are many stories of passion, friendship, of sacrifice that have never been told. That is also the theme of this RareMall NFT Creative Contest:


NFT is not just a fad. But it's here to stay.

Enter this RareMall NFT Creative Contest, allowing yourself to create, shake up the world, and bring stories worth listening to more people. Don't miss out on the chance to shine, especially in a contest with attractive prizes and so many opportunities.

What's attractive about RareMall NFT Creative Contest?

TOTAL PRIZE VALUE 50,000 USD: 3 winners of the contest will receive attractive prizes.

  • First prize: $20K (500K MALL)
  • Second prize: $15K (375K MALL)
  • Third prize: $5K (125k MALL)

FEATURE ON TOP CREATOR OF RAREMALL NFT MARKETPLACE: Contest winners can mint their products on the marketplace before the launching date and be featured on top creators within 1 week. Their products were also featured on RareMall's Top Collection for about the same time.

Besides, participants can participate in the large NFT community and connect with creative and passionate creators.

Contest Format and Timeline

  • Start Date: 13/09/2021
  • End date: 19/09/2021
  • Participants: NFT creators
  • After receiving the entry from the participant, RareMall will post the entry on the official Twitter and the participants can call to vote. The work with the most votes on Twitter will get the rewards.

How to participate?

Step 1: Register and submit your works

Fill in your details and submit your work here

Note: You can submit your NFT work on any topic with your story about it or your path to becoming an NFT creator.

Step 2: Call for public votes

After successfully receiving your works, we will post them on our Official Twitter and email you to inform you. After that, you can start calling votes for your works.

Important Notes

  • For participants: Please keep in mind that this contest celebrates creativity and good value; any cheat will be disqualified immediately. All processes will be thoroughly checked to ensure fairness.
  • For voters: Please follow RareMall's Twitter before voting because only our Twitter followers' votes will be counted.

RareMall NFT Marketplace launching

RareMall NFT Marketplace will officially launch this September. We hope you will have pleasant experiences on RareMall NFT Marketplace and support us in the future.

Please look forward to it. Follow us, and stay tuned!


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